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Australian Islamic Education Services (AIES) is dedicated to producing qualified, informed and confident SRE Teachers.

AIES has implemented the following training protocols which aim to successfully provide new SRE teachers with the required skills to facilitate classroom learning.

In order to teach Special Religious Education, applicants must complete all the AIES training requirements. Please see training information below.

1. Islamic Knowledge Teachers in training are required to download, read and familiarise themselves with the training manual; Islam 101.
2.  Teaching Etiquette’s and Strategies                Teachers in training will be provided with classroom training, focusing on classroom management.

Attendees will discuss how to deliver the lesson in a sensitive and age appropriate manner, manage a difficult student, lesson planning, record keeping and motivational methods.

An explanation will be provided on the use of external resources and attendees will familiarise themselves with AIES’ Resource Policy.

Please see links for useful resources;

3. Safe Teaching AIES Safe Teaching for SRE focuses on Child Protection, with the objective that all Applicants have a thorough and concise understanding on the duties required as SRE Teachers with regards to child protection and safety.

Applicants will learn/understand;

  • Legal requirements
  • Duty of care
  • WHS
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Department of Education Code of Conduct

Applicants will be required to complete the online eLearning course offered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian – Child Safe eLearning – Keeping Children Safe in Organisations.

Please see links for useful resouces;

4. Induction  Attendees have the opportunity to review and receive a thorough explanation of the Scope and Sequence teaching guide, including teaching outcomes. Further explanation of the Resource Policy can be provided in this session.

Applicants will be required to complete the AIES SRE Authorisation Form. The AIES SRE Authorisation Form outlines the responsibility and requirements of an approved and accredited Islamic Religious studies teacher.

Please see links for useful resources


Completion of the four stages, is the start to producing successful SRE teachers for our community.

Successful applicants will be provided with an AIES Authority Letter, acknowledging and confirming their status as an Australian Islamic Education Services Special Religious Education Teacher.


Follow-Up & Regular On-going Training

Qualified SRE Teachers will be required to attend a Quarterly meeting with the Australian Islamic Education Services (AIES) Committee to review and discuss any issues or provide feedback.

SRE Teachers are required to attend ongoing training in relation to;

  • New curriculum
  • Additional teaching strategies
  • Code of Conduct*
  • Child Protection Training**

* SRE Teachers as a requirement of their position with AIES must attend and update their knowledge of the Department of Education Code of Conduct on an annual basis

**SRE Teachers as a requirement of their position must attend and update their knowledge of Child Protection Training on an annual basis.