Special Religious Education

What is SRE?

Special Religious Education (SRE) is education provided to students in NSW public schools by authorised representatives of approved religious groups to students who have nominated that religion. These classes are commonly known as “scripture”.

AIES offers an educational program dedicated to providing Islamic education to Muslim students in NSW Public Schools. AIES is an approved Special Religious Education provider with the Department of Education and Communities.

What we Teach

AIES adheres to and is committed to deliver instruction in the beliefs and doctrine of the Islamic faith. AIES’s beliefs align to those of traditional Islamic orthodoxy, namely a doctrine and worldview based on:

The Pillars of Islam:

  1. The Profession of Faith — The Shahada
  2. Performance of Five Daily Prayers — Salat
  3. Alms Giving — Zakat
  4. Fasting during Ramadan — Saum
  5. Pilgrimage to Mecca — Hajj

The Pillars of Iman (belief):

  1. The belief in Allah the almighty;
  2. The belief in angels;
  3. The belief in the holy books revealed by Allah (God) to the various Prophets;
  4. The belief in the Messengers and Prophets sent by Allah (God);
  5. The belief in the resurrection and the events of Judgement Day;
  6. The belief in the predestination of Allah (God) of all things, both the (seemingly) good and the (seemingly) bad.


Our curriculum will be delivered according to the following scope and sequence:

To ensure a high quality of learning and keeping in touch with the needs of today’s youth, AIES will review the curriculum every three years and update or amend accordingly.

Quality Assurance

AIES has developed a curriculum to be delivered by teachers who have participated in approved training. The curriculum is to be delivered within one hour per week in NSW Government Schools subject to final approval by the Minister of Education.

Australian Islamic Education Services is committed to ensuring high standards and to secure excellent outcomes for all.


1. Leadership and Management

  • Annually review the role of Governors through established criteria by an external body
  • Board of Governors to annually review the role of management
  • Board of Governors to ensure absolute compliance of conditions and meet the responsibilities of Special Religious Education

2. Teachers

  • Quality of teaching: review the training program for teachers through observations, surveys, feedback and scheduled meetings with staff
  • Adherence to curriculum: scheduled observations by management and review of teachers’ weekly sign off of completed program
  • Click here to view the AIES SRE Teacher Observation Sheet

3. Students

  • Student engagement through feedback from teachers and observations by management
  • Student achievement through different means of assessments
  • Student behaviour and safety through teacher and student feedback and observations

The Board of Governors, with the assistance of the management team of the SRE must compile a report of the above as a component of the Annual Assurance to be provided to the Department of Education.


To ensure a high quality of learning and keeping in touch with the needs to today’s youth, the Board of Governors along with industry professionals and input from SRE teachers will review and update the curriculum on a three year basis.

Request SRE at your School

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