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KEYMACRO is a powerful tool to manage macros in Excel 2003 and newer, because it enables you to create, organize, delete, edit and debug macros.
KEYMACRO has the following features:
– Generates unique and unlimited identifier codes to protect your macros.
– Easily generate and protect macros for all the available Excel files.
– Finds and lists the macros that are stored in your computer’s hard drive.
– Deletes, copies and moves the macros from all the Excel files to one location.
– Protects the macros that have been removed.
– Enables you to easily remove the macros from the protected files.
– Lists the macros that have been installed on your computer.
– Shows the macros that have been installed in a specific file.
– Specify the Macro List folder.
– Creates and lists the macros for all the available Excel files.
– Checks whether macros have been installed correctly.
– Finds and copies the macros that are stored in your computer’s hard drive.
– Generates and installs macros for any Excel file in a very simple way.
– Displays the macros that have been added to the list of macros for a specific Excel file.
– Supports Unicode characters and international languages.
– Supports Unicode character set in macro names.
– Allows you to use international languages for macro names.
– Supports all versions of Microsoft Excel.
– Supports Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.
– Supports macro creation in file format (.xlsm).
– Supports macro editing in file format (.xlsm).
– Allows you to detect changes in your macros, by scanning every Excel file in which your macros have been stored.
– Allows you to generate reports of any macro changes.
– Allows you to protect your macros so that no one can edit them.
– Supports all versions of Microsoft Office suite.
– Includes an ActiveX control to easily display the macros list.
– Allows you to add macros to the end of each Excel file.
– Allows you to add macros to a specific line of the Excel file.
– Creates a macro that automatically detects the Macro List folder and adds the macros for each Excel file to the folder.
– Allows you to set the Macro List folder at the beginning of each Excel file.
– Allows you to include your macros into your Excel files.
– Supports Unicode character set in macros.
– Supports international languages for macros.
– Allows you to export the 384a16bd22

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KeyMACRO allows for easy logging of the messages and attachments sent over your network.
The application can be used to capture both single (RPC:on-The-Fly) and multi-threaded (RPC:Off-The-Fly) conversation. The application also provides the ability to identify the source of the messages and attachments.
Limitations: Capture only 100 first messages in unregistered version
KeyMACRO is a multi-threaded chat capture application. It records all the conversations regardless of which message window is active. Also, all the captured conversations are stored in the application’s database.Cushing’s disease: experience with medical therapy.
In this study, 14 patients with Cushing’s disease were treated with conventional doses of pituitary stalk section (n = 9) and bilateral adrenalectomy (n = 5). Eight patients (57%) required inotropic support for correction of low blood pressure. Immediate control of hypercortisolism was achieved in all except 2 patients (14%) who received conventional surgery. The mean (SD) plasma cortisol concentration decreased from 379 (163) ng/dl (range, 249 to 650) before therapy to 30 (30) ng/dl (range, 7 to 120) after treatment. The mean (SD) duration of postoperative hospitalization was 16 (3) days. Four of the 14 patients (29%) had a second elective operation for recurrent disease, and 2 patients had a third operation. The morbidity rate was low. In contrast, the morbidity and mortality rates in our experience with high-dose therapy with corticosteroids (10 mg/kg/day) were quite high (5% and 28%, respectively). This experience indicates that in most cases medical therapy with conventional doses of oral glucocorticoids is as effective as conventional surgical therapy.Q:

Javascript regexp to strip any leading number and up to the last white space

I have the following sentence in a textbox. I need to have only “Hansen” part. I could only succeed with the regexp “(^.*?\\.+$)”, but the same regexp could be used to strip all the other words as well. What’s the regexp to make it work only the “Hansen” part?


The best way to accomplish this is to split the string into an array, then select the element at index [2].
var parts = “Hansen’s garageшєшщщљщ-open-recording-dance-hot-video-16/

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